The Royal Danish Library, Best Book of the Year Exhibitions, Copenhagen

For their 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 exhibition and announcement of ‘Best book of the year’ Foreningen for Boghaandvaerk specified display and magazine stands with special made panels. Each year the white GRID structures formed the exhibition with rebuild modules creating new exhibition elements.

With its unprecedented flexibility, components from the GRID collection can be combined and adapted in countless ways. Whether you are designing larger or smaller spaces, the GRID system creates a customised interior that is both functional and beautiful.

When new needs arise, existing components can be removed and new functions can be added and adapted for a new design. With its durable modularity, GRID provides the unique freedom to reconfigure and match your changing interior design needs.

Client: Forening for Boghaandvaerk
Location: The Royal Danish Library, Denmark
Photos: Egon Gade Photography