Viessmann, ISH Frankfurt

Fair interior

GRID was used as fair interior in Viessmann Group’s fair stand at ISH Frankfurt in 2019. The Viessmann Group is a leading international manufacturer of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. The fair stand needed to highlight products and be an impressive exhibition that visitors could explore. It was of great importance that the fair exhibition design could be customised to fit the client’s requirements. The fair stand was created in collaboration between the client, architect Metron, planner Atelier Markgraph and GRIDstudio.

Room-in-room fair stand

ISH Frankfurt is a world leading trade fair presenting modern and responsible management of water and energy in buildings. Viessmann Group’s fair stand was divided into different sections for targeted exhibitions and showcases. White GRID was selected and turned into open structures creating these light room-in-room exhibition spaces. A combination of elegant room dividers and sideboards were designed as furniture parts of the fair interior.

Multifunctional room dividers

The room dividers were open structures fitted with components from the GRID collection. Box side panels used as plant boxes, lockers and shelves were added to the structures making the room dividers multifunctional. Special side panels with print were also added.

Custom made TV boxes

TV boxes with a custom red background were incorporated to the room dividers enabling digital display and presentations.

Special green colour

Another feature was added as part of the fair interior in Viessmann Group’s fair stand. A special green colour was specified on selected panels and box side panels, custom made for the fair stand.

Modular and durable

GRID is a modular interior system that can be turned into multifunctional furniture or artistic installations. GRIDs modular design makes the system the ultimate durable and flexible interior. Assembled modules and additional components can be disassembled to create new fair interior or interior for other places.

Client: Viessmann Group
Architect: Metron
Concept, planning, design and realisation: Atelier Markgraph
Photos: Kristof Lemp

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