Adaptable. Durable. Elegant.

GRID is an architectural interior system that conquers the challenges of any space.
The adaptability of GRID gives its user the freedom to design a cohesive interior system with
multiple functions; perfect for hotels, offices, showrooms, stores, restaurants, museums,
galleries, exhibitions, events and everywhere else.

The lightweight GRID modules, available in white, black and grey (or customized colours*),
are the building blocks of the system.

The GRID module can be connected to one or hundreds of other GRID modules to create a
well-defined structure with the dimensions you desire. Once the structure is in place, other
GRID components such as drawers, corkboards, magazine shelves, whiteboards, upholstered
seats or planters can be added, to transform it into whatever you need: a room divider, a counter,
a display unit, a bench, a wall, storage or an art installation.

GRID is designed by Peter J. Lassen and produced in Denmark. When a fresh look is needed,
or new inspiration arises, the durable GRID modules can be easily disconnected and re-assembled
into new designs. GRID brings functionality and elegance into any space and is the perfect
combination of an interior system and artistic expression.