GRID – A modular and multi-functional interior system

GRID Basic Module

GRID is a multi-functional modular interior system offering flexibility and durability. Danish designer Peter J. Lassen designed GRID with the desire to give the user opportunity to decorate with maximum freedom and simplicity. All parts are designed with a minimalistic, industrial, but still elegant look.

Working with GRID is a world of opportunities within the GRID structure. GRID can be assembled in various ways in height, width and length, and the module creates sharp and well-defined structures in the room. The cubic frame is produced with mounting holes making the system versatile. As a modular system GRID can be used for multiple purposes; wall system, display, podium, artistic installation, etc. GRID is used within a variety of sectors such as Retail & Showroom, Museum & Gallery, Hotel & Restaurant, Office & Institution, Show & Event, Exhibition & Fair and even for the Private Home.

The GRID system is based on a 40 x 40 x 40 cm basic moudule molded in one piece from 12 mm nylon (PA6) reinforced with fiberglass and comes in black (RAL 9011) or white (RAL 9016). The mounting holes of the GRID module makes it possible to reassembled the system into new configurations adapting your changing needs. Once you have your basic module, you can add components from the GRID collection consisting of; shelves, solid sides, transparent acrylic sides, tops, bases, cross braces, hanging rails, magazine shelves, doors, drawers, castors and adjustable legs. All GRID units are designed by Peter J. Lassen and produced locally in Denmark.

GRID is Danish Design – made in Denmark.